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Simple Applesauce

When autumn rolls around, one of the many things I get excited about is apples. Apple in oatmeal, apple crumble, apple pancakes,  applesauce, apple butter… so many options.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Ideas (Desserts)

Social gathering are not always easy when you’re vegan (or you follow a particular diet) but they can still be enjoyable and the food can taste amazing. Planning in advance is always a good idea; if no option will be available, best thing is to bring some food that you can enjoy and share with others. Hopefully these recipe ideas will make it a little easier for anyone wanting to survive the holidays with good plant-based food.

In this post, I’m sharing  various desserts ideas. Check out these posts for:




I tried to make simple recipes that everybody at the table would enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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No-Bake Blackberry “Cheesecake”


This rich, creamy and healthy ‘cheesecake’ will fool many skeptics! No baking time required but a couple hours in the fridge is needed so make sure to plan ahead. However it’s all worth the waiting time. Continue reading No-Bake Blackberry “Cheesecake”

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Double Chocolate Cupcake



Today is National Chocolate Cupcake day! That’s right, there’s not only a day dedicated to chocolate (coming soon – Oct 28th) or cupcakes (Dec 15th) but there’s a special day when the best of both worlds comes together. Yumm! If you are anything like me, only chocolate can help with life’s problems (big or small honestly). And you will do anything to get your hands on some. These chocolate cupcakes can definitely help you out during those times.

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Apple Cider Baked Doughnuts


As a child whenever apple cider was available, it meant fall was here.  Ever since I remember, fall has always been my favourite season. I loved nothing more than a warm cup of apple cider, going to a pumpkin patch or apple picking, noticing the change of the leaves, Halloween, etc.  When we went apple picking one year, I remember getting a small apple shaped bottle filled with the apple cider. I still think I have it around if I go through the cupboards. Recently I bought some apple cider and decided to bake with it.

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Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

vegan raw cheesecake

Spring is upon us and to celebrate, I made this raw vegan ‘cheesecake’ with a raw brownie as the crust. The beginning of Spring means that we can finally buy some fresh berries at a reasonable price (at least here in Canada). Spring also means Easter is around the corner and so, why not have a cruelty-free feast and treating yourself and the family with yummy vegan goodness!

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Chocolate Truffles


My last post (vegan carrot cake with ‘cream cheese icing’), I mentioned that you can make this cake for Valentine’s day (trust me – it’s worth being out of the box by making this cake and eating it with your valentine or yourself!) but some may prefer a more traditional recipe.

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Vegan Carrot Cake (with ‘cream cheese’ frosting)


Valentine’s day is coming soon and although I don’t think this day typically goes hand and hand with carrot cake, it might change with this recipe. Okay, carrots cannot replace chocolate but perhaps it would with this super easy carrot cake!

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