Copper Compassion Set Bangles


These stunning stack of stamped bangles add a perfect touch to any outfit. Each bangles are handmade and hand stamped.


Please keep in mind that these are handstamped, therefore each bangle is unique and will not look exactly like the ones in the images.

Note: Since these are made with pure copper, they will tarnish over a prolong length of time, depending on the use and care. We suggest cleaning your pieces as soon as you see signs of tarnish. The easiest and cheapest way is to use lemon juice or ketchup with a soft cloth. A jewellery polishing cloth works wonders as well. Avoid the stamped lettering when cleaning.
You may also notice your skin turning green if the bangles are tightly wrapped around the skin  – this is normal and in no way harming to your health. Cleaning your jewellery as mentioned above will help with this issue.
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