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Taste Test: Le Minot | Organic Chickpea Fries

This product was introduced to me at the 2017 Montreal Veg Fest: Le Minot, Organic Chickpea Fries. After tasting a sample at the event, I was hooked. Made only with simple ingredients, I was excited trying different recipes with this product.

First, here’s a few points that the company list on the product:

  • Easy to cook
  • High in protein
  • naturally gluten free

I would also add:

  • Delicious tasting
  • Versatile to serve
  • Made of Canada
  • Organic

Ingredients. There are two flavours I tried; the original and the Indian spice. Both contains less than 5 ingredients.

Original: Water, chickpea flour and sea salt.



Indian Spice: Water, chickpea flour, sea salt, garam masala, turmeric, garlic powder.

Indian Spices

The indian spice is called Organic Chickpea Tofu. Although it doesn’t contain any tofu, I remember the representative at Veg Fest saying that it could be used as a soy-free alternative to tofu, hence the name.

Availability. Like I mentioned, I bought this product at the Montreal Veg Fest and I have been looking where to buy it every since. If you are in Québec, you’re in luck! Check out their facebook page (here) for exact locations. The closest location to Ottawa would be health food stores located in Gatineau/Hull. According to their page, this location should carry some:

  • La Boîte à grains (581 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Gatineau, QC J8Y 4A6)

Note: I contacted La Belle Verte and they indicated that they do not have this product.

I have yet to find them online. One safe bet, if you are in the Montreal area, make sure you stock up on some!

Nutrition. I’m no nutritionist, so I’ll just post the nutrition facts and you can decide for yourself 🙂

Indian Spices










Taste. On to the question – what does chickpeas fries taste like? It is hard to explain the taste since it’s not like anything else I’ve ever eaten. For me personally, it doesn’t taste like chickpeas. The first thought that came to my mind was that it resembles a mixture of potatoes and tofu that have been seasoned. I might not be selling it to you but I promise it’s well worth a try. Once cooked in oil, there is a crispy layer that forms on each pieces and you can either enjoy it on it’s own or with a dipping sauce.


The Indian spice flavor does taste and resemble spiced crispy tofu once cooked so it’s perfect to add to curries, stir-fries, etc. I forgot to that a picture of this one once it was cooked (it’s literally that good) but chopped into cubes, it very similar looking as cubed crispy tofu.



Serving. The package contain 450g of product and the serving size suggested is 77g or 3 slices. Therefore the entire package offers 5 serving.


Recipe. I’ve made various dishes with the chickpeas fries but my favourite was definitely the fries paired with pulled BBQ jackfruit and spicy mayo.

Check out my recipe here

Verdict. I give the chickpea fries 10/10. This product is not only delicious and made with simple ingredients but also very versatile.

Let me know if you tried this product and if you loved it as much as I did!

Thanks for reading!

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